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Our Range of Products

We offer delivery times that meet or exceed the expectations of our delivery. For products that we import under specific orders, we have invested considerable resources to optimize our logistics chains to offer delivery times that meet or exceed our clients’ expectations.

PCL Análisis de agua

Water Analysis

Analysis kits for water quality control (drinking water, process water, and sewage), rapid tests, standards, spectrophotometers, photometers, turbidimeters, pH meters.

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PCL Microbiología

Culture Media

Powdered culture media, prepared and certified culture media in Petri dishes or tubes, products for the control of contamination of critical points in the manufacturing process (HACCP), etc.

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PCL Materiales para laboratorio

Lab Supplies & Consumables

Seeding handles, trays, sampling bags, bottles, bulbs, Petri dishes, magnetic stir bars, stainless steel beakers, brushes, witness tapes, spoons, funnels, safety equipment, flasks, racks, syringes, microplate lighters, microtubes, mortars, Parafilm, pipetting beads, sample weights, tweezers, disposable tips for pipettes, scissors, watch glass, etc.

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PCL Instrumentos Laboratorio

Lab Instruments

Measurement instruments of the highest precision complying with international standards such as EPA, FDA, USP, DIN and others: spectrophotometers, photometers, turbidimeters, thermometers, stopwatches, balances, certified weights, refractometers, polarimeters, titrators, etc.

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PCL Equipos Laboratorio

Lab Equipment

Agitators, autoclave, vacuum pumps, water baths, ultrasound baths, laminar flow cabinets, extraction hoods, centrifuges, freezers, desiccators, screening equipment, liquid handling equipment, sterilizers, incubators, ovens, heat, muffles, refrigerators, deep freezers, etc.

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PCL Cristalería

Glassware and Plastic Ware

For daily use in any laboratory, we offer glassware (pipettes, beakers, flasks, bottles, cylinders, balloons, test tubes, vials, etc.) in soda glass and borosilicate glass that meet different standards (DIN and ASTM) and certifications (batch certificates, individual certificates, USP certificates, and DAkkS calibration certificates).
We also offer pipettes, beakers, test tubes, jugs, and balloons in different plastic materials (PP, PMP, SAN).

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Lab Filtration

Quantitative and qualitative filter paper in circles, sheets, and folds, special filter paper for storing biological samples, extraction thimbles, membrane filters, fiberglass filters, syringe filters, Uniflo syringe filters, filtration systems, etc.

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PCL Guatemala Microscopios

Olympus Microscopes

Microscopes for state-of-the-art educational, training, laboratory, and research fields related to life science disciplines such as pathology and cytology, upright microscopes, stereomicroscopes, inverted microscopes, etc. At the same time, we offer pipettes, beakers, test tubes, jugs, and balls in different plastic materials (PP, PMP, SAN).

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