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We offer a wide range of plastic and glass supplies for scientific use.  Our suppliers offer high quality materials as well as purified materials for use in microbiology and molecular biology.


Instruments and equipment for high-precision measurement in compliance with international standards in food and pharmaceutical manufacturing (EPA, US Pharmacopea, DIN, FDA, European Pharmacopea, etc.)


A complete line of culture media, equipment and supplies for microbiological analysis, and products for Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP).


PCL is aware of the level of importance our customers place in achieving the highest quality standards in analysis and manufacturing.  In response to this priority, our team is integrated by specialists with wide experience in international best practices for the lab.  Our team of professionals in the areas of Microbiology, Biochemistry and Chemistry offers our customers not only world-class supplies and products but also a modern and integral approach as a “lab supplier”: installation, training, post-sales support, and continuous professional service.  This is PCL.


Our commitment is to provide our markets with the widest range of Quality and Traceablity Instruments, Equipment and Reagents, backed by our carefully selected vendors of worldwide prestige in their respective fields.  With us, local companies and institutions that are committed with Food Security, Compliance with International Standards in the Manufacture of Foods and Pharmaceuticals, and the Protection of Water and the Environment will be able to achieve their goals.

Our vast experience in the Implementation, Use, and Support of these high quality resources enable us to be the best Partner for Laboratory Quality for our customers.  Our final objective is to bring the best Quality Laboratory Products (PCL) to Central America.


We offer Quality Products for Quality Results to all markets where lab analysis is of capital importance:
Food industry

We aim to help our customers guarantee their food safety processes by our offering of world class products: culture media, materials for sampling, microbiological quality control, diagnosis and identification of microorganisms and Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP).

Academic institutions

Our objective is to support future professionals committed with excellence in their fields and through them contribute to the development of our country and region.   We seek to achieve this by providing our universities’ and other academic institutions’ educational programs and investigation initiatives with products that are renowned for their quality.

Chemical industry

With high productivity, security and quality in mind, we offer solutions for chemical industries, mining, and construction materials sectors.

Non-Governmental organizations

We seek to support the diverse activities within research and support initiatives for the agriculture, cattle, and environmental protection sector.  Quality water production in rural communities is one of the largest markets for our field water analytics products, which complies with the currently applicable regulations.

Science and technology

Advances in production techniques for different activities are starting to generate research and development units supported by government organizations, like Conacyt and Senacyt in Guatemala.  PCL, aware of these new needs, commits resources to the promotion of state of the art materials and equipment with qualified and leading suppliers in diverse fields.

Public and private health

National control agencies, like the National Health Lab in Guatemala, and public and private diagnostic and treatment services, as well as health research, need qualified products to guarantee patient welfare.  PCL is commited to these markets, promoting state of the art products, with necessary compliance, to guarantee qualified and reliable results.


We work with the world’s leading companies and only stock up with quality products.
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